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KMTV Must Be Pro-Abortion and Pro-Contraception

KMTV repeatedly airs stories that misrepresent facts, attack the Catholic Church, and serve the liberal agenda. It deliberately and completely misled the public over the HHS debate in its recent story on Feb. 29th. Their story, available here, is completely disingenuous and moronic.

KMTV newscasters argue that attempts to fight President Obama's incursion into consciences and to protect religious freedom (such as the recent, but failed, Blunt amendment) is "controlling" people's health care and preventing them from the "health care" that they want. Never mind that contraception is readily available everywhere and for free from Planned Parenthood! Never mind that employers already decide coverage for people as do insurance companies themselves. Does your insurance do everything you want it to do? I want my health insurance to provide me a new car so I don't have to endure the toil of walking from place to place. When's Obamacare going to give me a new car? I want it so it should be covered, right? If an employee doesn't like the coverage their employer offers, then they can get a new job. Such limitations on what people want exist all the time.

More importantly, one is never "free" to do evil, like take contraception, or to provide others the means to do evil. Contraception and abortafacients are, after all, not health care but an attack on good health, namely fertility, and upon the purpose of matrimony and the right to life of unborn children. The first rule of health care is to "do no harm," yet contraception and abortafacients traumatize the body, may lead to kinds of cancer, destroy marriages, promote promiscuity and adultery, take human lives and damn the human soul. No one of sound conscience could advocate, promote, or, let alone, practice such evils.

The real issue is that the federal government via the HHS is forcing employers of all kinds, small businesses let alone Catholic institutions, to violate their consciences and to pay for and provide the evils of sterilization, contraception (some of which also cause abortions), and abortafacients.

If you'd like to read a better written analysis of how the media is deliberately misrepresenting the Blunt amendment and what it would have done to protect conscience rights, then read the Wall Street Journal editorial here.  

As to KMTV, the station just had a story that was sympathetic to abortionists on Feb. 28th. Please contact KMTV and the national headquarters of CBS at your earliest and let them know that you will no longer watch the local KMTV newscasts because of their incredibly biased coverage.

  • KMTV Contact Information: KMTV, 10714 Mockingbird Dr., Omaha, NE 68127; (402) 592-3333
  • CBS (National) Contact Information: 212-975-3247 or audsvcs@cbs.com


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