Faith in 52 - I Believe in Love

In celebration of the Year of Faith, our parish is embarking upon a yearlong parish retreat based on the book I Believe in Love by Fr. Jean C. J. d'Elbee.

Why Read This Book?

I Believe in Love is based on the phenomenal spirituality of St. Therese of the Child Jesus, a Doctor of the Catholic Church. Listen to what Popes have said about St. Therese:

St. Pius X: "She is the greatest saint of modern times."

Benedict XV: "Here is the secret of sanctity for all the faithful throughout the entire world... We wish that the secret of holiness of St. Therese of the Child Jesus should not remain hidden from a single one of our faithful."

Pius XI: "We fervently desire that all the faithful of Christ should contemplate her with a view to imitating her... Everone must enter into this little way, the way of golden simplicity, which has nothing childish about it but the name... What a transformation would come about in the world if people were to return to this evangelical simplicity."

Pius XII: "The Lord introduced her into His house, confided to her His secrets, revealed to her all those things which He hides from the wise and powerful... It is the Gospel, the heart of the Gospel, which she has rediscovered..."

The book may be purchased from the parish office in either English or Spanish or from your local Catholic bookstores.

The Book

From November, 2012 through October, 2013, weekly reading assignments and discussion handouts will be inserted into the Sunday bulletin in both English and Spanish. These handouts will provide suggestions and questions for both personal reflection and for small group sharing between spouses, families, or groups of friends.

The Conclusion

Over the course of these 52 weeks, participants will not only complete the book and grow in parish solidarity but be immersed in a personal relationship with our loving Savior; they'll have Faith in 52.