Hall Rentals

Saint Peter parishioners who have been registered and who actively attend Masses in the parish for at least three months may rent the St. Peter Parish Hall, O'Brien Hall or gym for activities considered appropriate by St. Peter Church. Requests will be honored on a first-come basis.

Appropriate activities for rentals would include wedding or sacramental receptions, family reunions, meetings, group luncheons or similar activities. Activities involving any type of gambling, nudity, or disrespectful actions towards the faith and beliefs of Saint Peter Church will not be permitted. The pastor will have the final word on any dispute regarding what is an appropriate activity.

The pastor reserves the right to prohibit any rentals at his discretion. He also reserves the right to permit out-of-parish bodies to rent the facilities for spiritual or meritorious events. Finally, the pastor reserves the right to waive or adjust rental fees for causes or events he deems worthy.

Renters must indicate their rental activity ahead of time. Parish members will be given priority over non-parish events, but may not cancel any existing confirmed rental. Because of the Mass schedule, parish resources, and limited parking, rentals may not occur on Sundays between 8:00 am-3:00 pm nor on holidays.

For more information about renting a space at Saint Peter Church, contact our parish office by telephone at 402-341-4560, ext. 100, or by emailing her at secretary@stpeterchurch.net.